Full Tuition Fees and Living Stipend Obama Scholarship

A distance learning program is one of the most popular alternatives on the market presently. We say market, but this program is not a monetary initiation. It is an attempt to bring more people into the fold of learning and serves two purposes – on the one hand, it accumulates some extra money for the teaching institution. On the other, it helps many people get a hold of what real education is like. If pressed, we ought to admit that a distance learning program is designed to mainly help the leaners and not leave any student behind. A distance learning program can rightfully be called the future of education and we believe it is.

There are other degrees that can be acquired online, naturally. Associate degrees online will help you tackle the academic barriers. If you are strapped for time then you can trust associate degrees online that things will work out exactly as intended. There is a lot you can earn in the way of recognition when it comes to picking an online degree and we support everyone who resorts to this move. The possibilities are countless and so you should do your best to acquire as many of these useful certificates as you can.

The Obama Foundation is now committed to bring more students of academic merit to the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. Individuals interested in MA in International Development and Policy for the 2018/2019 academic session are now quite welcome to apply.

As part of this scholarship offer, students will be allowed to receive a full scholarship and a stipend. Let us look at the benefits up close:

  • The initiative will take care of your tuition costs;
  • You will be provided for in terms of living costs
  • The foundation will also guarantee that you have enough money for course books and associate material;
  • You will be allowed out-of-classroom learning opportunities;
  • Travel fares will be settled

People who may participate are:

  • People who have already been contributing to a variety of projects around the globe, including as part of a civil or governmental initiative;
  • People who want to expand on their skill set of knowledge and make sure that they are equipped with the means to make a difference in the world

In order to apply, everyone will have to submit all necessary documents by 10 April 2018.

You may find out more about the programme here.

24 thoughts on “Full Tuition Fees and Living Stipend Obama Scholarship”

  1. Bien le bonjour à vous chers correspondants ma volonté à postuler pour une bourse émane du fait que j\’ai besoin d\’une formation pas seulement académique mais aussi qualificative dans tous les domaines de métier ou emploi en particulier pour mon niveau .
    En attente d\’une réponse favorable je vous remercie

  2. I\’m very much interested in the scholar ship; and I\’m sure the results will impact my home country positively when imparting my knowledge I acquired because of the scholar ship.

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