50% Tuition Fee Award at Westminster

Distance learning degrees are becoming popular these days. They have quite a bit to offer when it comes to knowledge, and incidentally – comfort. When you pick your degree, you should be aware that it will come with somewhat hefty costs. But universities and educators have been prescient enough to realize that alternatives may also be available and that it would generally be a good idea to push ahead with some alternative solutions.

Distance learning degrees are a brilliant way for students who may not be able to afford going to a university to still participate in the educational process and develop their academic skills unabated.

Online college degrees are there to bolster up your efforts in acquiring a decent degree and you should do your utmost to cater to this. We will be glad to see your obtain online college degrees because we believe that they provide you with the skill set necessary to succeed in life and that there will be no stopping you when you acquire the degrees. With online college degrees you will find yourself quite ahead of the competition.

There is a point to distance learning degrees and all forms of remote learning, and it is great that the world is finally embracing those modes of study.

The University of Westminster is now offering candidates who want to participate in the United Kingdom’s set of scholarships a great opportunity. 50% of all tuition costs may be knocked off your education, if you prove yourself as a candidate of academic merit.

All undergraduate scholarships will be handed out based on academic excellence so individual students have to be capable of distinguishing themselves as candidates of merit.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you will have to:

  • You will have to be a UK or an EU student who is applying for the full-time course for the session that starts in September 2018.
  • All scholarships will be awarded based on your personal scholarship merit;

If you want to be part of this offer, you will have to fill out the application form and submit it within the deadline period, which expires on 31 May 2018.

If you are applying using supporting items that are in language different than English, you will have to be prepared to provide a certified English translation of all these documents and attach them with your application so that it is valid. Good luck applying!

41 thoughts on “50% Tuition Fee Award at Westminster”

  1. Goodmorning.I was kindly asking if you could offer me a scholarship in the US.I play basketball as a 6\’1 guard.My mom moved to the States in 2014 and since then I haven\’t seen her.We are two boys:me and my little brother.Currently I\’m in my sophomore year studying Bachelor of Science(Records Management and Information Technology) at Kenyatta University.It\’s been a tough since my mom is trying to get our paperwork done but it\’s difficult.I know it\’s tough getting scholarships and I will take your response positively.Thank you!

  2. Hello,i kindly plee for a scholarship to study aviation.My dream is becoming a pilot because I believe that only them defile gravity.I would love to be part of that team.

  3. Hello, it\’s me john Wesley would like to do bachelor of law. I was a police officer in profession.

  4. am Twongho Moses from Uganda a am applying for a scholarship on under graduate student of Compute r science and IT

  5. Hello, I\’m Abdoulaye from Mali I\’m senior high school certificate holder I need a full scholarship.

  6. my Names Elmi Hussein I need a full scholarship if available, because i am ready to fullfill all requirement process except pay for tution , also i am Somali student that unable to pay any cost of semester fee.

  7. Sir, my Name is Jimoh Ganiyu and the l have call of God upon my Life which Many People had heen told me to go into Full Time, Due to finacial Handcamp, l Like to Upgrade myself before going info Full Ministry but there is Know Money. Presentlly Am doing Part Time in my Church and l need your support about the Education stuff Sir. This will dbanie to have Higher qulifilication, Knowledge in Both Ministry and Education. Althought, l Have National Diploma l also start Word Bible School (WBS),Last Month in which l have Obtain Master Series Course to Some stage Sir. I will be greatful If my Request is Favourable Consider. Yours faithfully. Jimoh Ganiyu.

  8. hello, my name is Regina .please I would like a full scholarship to study an educational program. I have a degree and would like to continue with my post degree program. And please am in Ghana. Thanks

  9. Please I would like to apply for a scholarship in the U. S studying accounting major management manor

  10. Please am Priscilla and I need a scholarship to further my education studying community nutrition

  11. With all those, we better must find some great work done differently. Untruthful touches make no impact in lives and so shall selfish minds and greedy hearts!

  12. My name is Patrick Melvin Flomo, born, attended Secondary and University education in Liberia, West Africa. Liberia as studied is one of the world poorest and under developed countries. Huge percentage of her citizens are illiterate and live in extreme poverty. An averaged Liberian feeds on less than US$1.00 day. But, regarded all of this, I need a scholarship as to help in the rebuilding process of my country and contributing to human development programs elsewhere in the world.

  13. i belong from poor family i want full time scholarship i m the student of electrical dep and in 7th semster the eduction in pakistan is not so good i want to studay in abroad plz give me a chance to cmmpte my master and phd in abroad

  14. I applied for a scholarship…… you do send emails its quite unfortunate i cant respond to them because when i try i find myself in online courses and i get lost on what to do…. i am in need of a scholarship… would you kindly send me an direct email for us both parties so that i do not get lost because I have found myself in loan application site of which i do not know how do they mingle your site

  15. my names are Glory Mulenga Mushili from Zambia,I completed my senior secondary in 2017 and I obtained a full grade 12 certificate. Am here to apply for a scholarship in medicine due to poor funds,please help me.Your quick positive response will be highly appreciated.

  16. My name is Nakanwagi Florence from Uganda ,am currently persuing a bachelors degree in business administration ,am applying for a full scholarship for masters in the same field,i will be glad if i get a positive response

  17. I am Ali from Pakistan.
    I have recently passed HSS examination.
    I need an MBBS sholarship.
    Please inform me about this if you have any scholarship.

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