GDP3,000 Professor Colin Learner’s Opportunity for BA in Chemistry at Sussex

Online education is gaining steam. It is spreading the world of education over and it is likely to be a staying and steering power in future. There is hardly any stopping this phenomenon and we believe in it in full. You will be quite pleased to find out that mainstream institutions are also quite prepared to take up the slack and help students enrol in any form of online education. By all reasonable measures, online education is quite possibly the most applicable and go-to solution for all stripes. Despite some detractors claiming that this mode of learning is depriving students from many of the advantages at campus education offers, there are still great many benefits to take out of it.

With online associate degrees busy individuals who have already join the workforce will be allowed to go back to school and do their utmost in order to be an active participant in academia once again. Online associate degrees require less of the time a mainstream degree would want and they are particularly suitable for individuals who are preparing yourself to expand on a certain area of skills they have. We like these scholarships because they will help everyone build on their existing knowledge.

If you are interested in studying in the United Kingdom, now may be a brilliant opportunity to carry out this task in full. Students who want to participate in the University of Sussex’s offer are quite invited to do so.

The Chemistry Department of the University is now running the rather generous Professor Colin Eaborn Chemistry Scholarship, which will allow students to reap various benefits all throughout their tie of study.

The scholarship extends for 1 year and its award amount varies across levels of study.

For starters, you may apply for GDP2,000 in the BA and GDP3,000 in MChem degree. If you are among the successful candidates, you will be allowed GDP600 maintenance grant throughout your first two years of study and GDP800 in the third year. Finally, you will be offered GDP1,000 in the last year.

The qualifying criteria are not stringent, but they need following to the letter:

  • You will have to be undertaking a full-time course at the Chemistry department;
  • You will have also have a similar background

For the time being, no deadline has been specified and interested individuals may continue to apply. The scholarships are available here.

33 thoughts on “GDP3,000 Professor Colin Learner’s Opportunity for BA in Chemistry at Sussex”

  1. I studied general science in my secondary school. I won\’t to study more under chemistry so I will be happy when am selected.

  2. I worked at Health department Papua New Guinea as General nurse. I will be great full if given the opportunity.

  3. I have a bachelor in biology.
    it behooves me to advance in chemistry.
    I\’m interested, please help me out.
    Iam from liberia.

  4. I will be very happy if i will be selected because after i graduated in high school,i did not able to continue my study in college because i have to support my family. I really wanted to pursue my study into college that time but I cant because as the eldest child in the family I have to help them survive.

  5. hi my name is said yahaya from a graduate student of form6 of the year2018. i was i need of scholarship offered by.your organization . although my form6 results are not yet released i promise i will do better. its my hope that my request will be accepted
    Thank you

  6. Please am in Cameroon i wish to study in Canada, i do have a diploma in information management and communication i wish to further my education please.

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