€3,000 to Study in Ireland Each Year

Distance learning programs are quite possibly the future of all learning. You will be pleased to find out more about those as soon as you open the website of some of the mainstream institutions that have started offering those. Yes, with distance learning programs you stand a great chance to go to places and we will certainly help you excel across the board.

Online universities are just another staple product of this new education that has been introduced. You will be quite pleased to find out that online universities are just as ready as other institutions to supply you with all the necessary tools to instruct the masses in a way that is both informative and useful.

All e-learning modes of studying also have the added value of reducing significantly the bill that we have to foot on everyday basis as students. Reduced commute time, an opportunity to save time from moving around the campus and actually fit the classes around our own schedule are all boons to this new way of learning online.

If you are now on the lookout for a brilliant scholarship opportunity, you will be quite pleased with what the UCD Ad Astra Academic Scholarship has to offer to its Bachelor students.

Students from Ireland and the United Kingdom in general will be happy with this brilliant opportunity as it applies to them exclusively.

If English is not your mother tongue, however, you will have to pass an internationally-recognized certificate which proves your ability to undergo tuition in this target language.

Let us focus on the specifics of this scholarship:

The current deadline is 20 August 2018. You will be pleased to know that these scholarships will apply to all students who want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree.

The scholarships will also apply to all studies that students want to undertake on the premises of the university. In addition, the award is worth €3,000 every year, which is a respectable sum and one that will allow you to foot the costs of education on monthly basis without having to worry too much.

By applying for this scholarship, you will also be on the receiving end of quite the academic generosity:

  • You will be offered an academic mentor who will help you go through the motions of the scholarships
  • Overall, 15 scholarships will be offered for students each year.

With the current deadline 20 August 2018, you still have plenty of time to swing by the official website.

64 thoughts on “€3,000 to Study in Ireland Each Year”

  1. I would like to apply for masters scholarship in education or in business administration. Thanks for the help

  2. I’m from Fiji and would like to apply for a Bachelor Degree in Teaching. I’ve been teaching for ten years with a Diploma qualifications only. I really would like to continue further my studies and upgrade my qualifications. Hope this will be an eye opener and an opportunity. Thank you and God bless.
    Mr Semiti Cagica

  3. I’m sorry I didn’t really mention the field of study. I need to co tongue with a bachelor in Teaching majoring in Industrial Arts or Technology. I’m a technical teacher that teaches year 9 & 10 Basic Technology, year 11 & 12 Applied Technology and year 11 & 12 Technical Drawing. I hope this information will be helpful. Once again thank you.
    Mr Semiti Cagica

  4. I am currently a second year student,taking a Barchelor of Science (B.SC.)degree program -Biological Sciences.I want to apply for a scholarship to complete my studies. It is a four years degree program.

  5. Hi, Im Dr Walid, from Somalia, I gratuated MBBS 2016, Now Im last semester of Public Health, I would like to prepare Phd in Statistics.
    Thank you.

  6. My name is wasiq ahmad i wish to study in m.s lead to ph.d my research topic is agro.morphological and biochemical analysis of cereal grains base on their genitcs and molicular level

  7. Thanks u very much
    Abraham Deng by names from south Sudan I competed my high school which form 4 I finish it since 2015 and am out of school because of money, if u can help me for scholarship I will happy May God bless u all

  8. Dear
    Completed Electrical technicians and wants to continue my education
    will be very grateful if I get this opportunity

  9. Hello, I will like to do masters in gas treatment technology if any or refining technology.

  10. Hi,I would like to be offered a scholarship in HRM.My name is Timothy from Kenya.Am much interested and if granted that opportunity. My dream will come true. Thank you for your kindness.

  11. Am particularly happy with this opportunity, but I have done my bachelors degree in humanity, I need to pursue my masters in public health. Can I be given that opportunity? Otherwise, am grateful

  12. Thank you so much for such an opportunity .I\’m Hildah from Kenya and I would be very grateful if offered a chance to study bachelor of science (health records and management).I completed my high school in 2016

  13. Hello I would like to do bachelors degree in B Com in Accounting. I am Andisiwe Zondi from South Africa.Am interested and I am granted that opportunity. My dream Will come true. Thank you for your kindness

  14. Hi, i seek a financial hand to enable my Bachelor of journalism enrolment and now i look forward to hearing from you.Kiiza from Uganda

  15. Already have a Bachelor degree in Education, and will be extremely happy to have a scholarship to do Masters degree in Information Technology

  16. I already have a Bachelor\’s Degree of Social Work and Social Administration. I would be glad if i get the chance to do Masters in Gender and Social Development.

  17. Hi. From Kenya ,currently undertaking a bachelor\’s in information technology and systems. Am greatful to welcome the chance , studying abroad is a good inspiration. Would like this s/ship to upkeep my studies abroad. Thanks

  18. I am Modise Basetsana Kgalalelo currently in Grade 12 from South Africa(Rustenburg), I would like a Scholarship or bursary to study Abroad for a Bachelor\’s degree in Psychology

  19. Kgalalelo says:

    May 9, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    I am Donald Jeomba from Namibia I would like a Scholarship or bursary to study Abroad for a Bachelor\\’s degree in information technology auto electric I applied to study in india but I did not manage to get the amount to start m studies,

  20. I am Donald Jeomba from Namibia I would like a Scholarship or bursary to study Abroad for a Bachelor\\\\’s degree in information technology auto electric I applied to study in india but I did not manage to get the amount to start m studies,

  21. Fist of all i would like to thanks fir giving this chance.
    i\’m meliyon Fekadu from Ethiopian, I would like to take my MA program by business administration.
    i have BA degree by marketing management, now i\’m working Ethiopian airline .
    Thanks once again

  22. i would love to get a chance at learning software programming in ireland , iam 20 live in Uganda thank u

  23. Greetings , my name is Victor ,am from Nigeria , please I wish to study Information technology and systems
    Please I wish to study abroad as a bachelor degree.

  24. I am from Somalia, I would like to study master degree in Telecommunication Engineering.
    thank you fo your helpping

  25. My name is: Wiyual Lul Kuer. Am from Ethiopia. Iam graduated for BA in Management and would like to further for Master program in MBA or MHRM full-funded program with all necessary accommodations.
    Hence writing to you this text I have economics trespasses hindered me to pursuing my master program in which i think you could move or elevates a way from that constraint by granting me a scholarship as aforementioned above. I hope you will be my hope to give me a full-funded program. Iam looking forward for your responses!
    Wiyual Lul Kuer
    Tel: +251960143711

  26. I need a scholarship to continue with my studies here in Malawi, i was selected to pursue a diploma in nursing and midwifery but fees is a problem please help me

  27. I would be grateful if you grant me scholarship, I want to study abroad to get degree in Media studies .

  28. I am from zambia i would like to study bachelor of water engineering abroad .your positive response will be highly appreciated

  29. Hey i want to further my studies in the field of Natural Resource Mananagement .i have a diploma in that course from the University of Namibia.pleaase help

  30. I would like to further my studies , currently I have a development studies honor\’s degree.money is a problem though so please I need a scholarship

  31. I am a jamaican student and would love to study primary education but my mom resources are limited so having the means of this scholarship would be a tremendous help
    Nb. Can I seriously get some reply. Melissa Mattis

  32. please, how do I go about my application. I am a Pharmacist applying for a post graduate degree in Pharmaceutical sciences

  33. Am Theresa Muchimba from Zambia and have a Secondary teachers diploma. I would like to apply for a bachelor\’s degree in teaching in the field of languages (English and literature ). I have not been deployed yet but completed my course in 2015 . I would like to further my studies. Thank you

  34. Please how can I apply for a scholarship there, I\’m from Nigeria I need scholarship for my school fees and I want to study abroad

  35. Thanks for your offer.
    I am Pascal Mawuena, a Ghanaian.
    I want to study a Bachelor degree in Bsc. Business Administration.

  36. I am very happy for the updates, I really wish to study Accounting and Business studies at your institute. Please help me.

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