£5,000 at the Queen Mary Anniversary Bachelor Degree in the UK

Accredited schools online are one of the new assets of education today. You will note that they tend to be everywhere. They lurk around the internet and make quite the tempting little offers. If you are interested in advancing your own goals as a students, you will be quite pleased to know that this is quite possible these days and you will want to find out inventive ways how. With accredited schools online, you may stop worrying. You will be quite pleased with the opportunities put forth by these new modes of learning and there is no shame in signing up for innovative ways of learning.

Now, you may want to opt for degree programs and there is absolutely no shame in that either. With degree programs you stand to experience education such as it is and never worry about a thing. We believe that education should be diversified and technologies should play an important part in it. Still, it would help to have alternatives and not to lose track of the mainstream as a phenomenon. We support everyone who wants to try online and offline learning. The following mainstream degree program is just an example of one viable way to study.

Have you been looking for a decent mainstream opportunity? You are in luck now! The queen Mary Anniversary Scholarship will now take on students who want to study in the Bachelor level and participate in the 2018/2019 academic intake.

Students will be entitled to scholarships that are estimated at £5,000 each. In addition, students whose native language is not English will be asked to pass an exam. TOEFL or IELTS certification will suffice at this moment.

Let us look at some of the details about this scholarship such as it is:

The deadline is extended to 13 May 2018 so you have plenty of time to prepare all your documents and submit them.

You may apply for the undergraduate level of study and not have to worry about another thing. Overall, £5,000 each will be handed out to successful students every year. International students are quite welcome to join this.

In addition, you should note that the total number of scholarships that you may have is just three scholarships every year. All scholarships are tenable in the United Kingdom alone.

This is a brilliant opportunity to study in the United Kingdom and one you should benefit from. Start by dropping by the official link here.

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  1. I want you guys to help me with scholarship to study this year please ,please I need that scholarship or else I won\’t be able to get money to go to school this year please help me

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  5. Am very grateful to have been chosen and am really very much interested in achieving this learning opportunity. Please.. Please.. Though am financially down,I would like to get this scholarship this year to further and widen my academic potential.

  6. As I grew up in the rural areas as an orphan above all,I can\’t wait for the opportunity as I think it will bring change for me and my community as a whole. I also think this will help me fight the poverty I\’v been struggling with.

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  8. I am a postgraduate prospective student and want another degree in the area of Humanities. How can I be helped to Join your University?

  9. thank you very much for the offer. I\’m very pleased and looking forward for scholarship in Bachelor in Accounting and Finance
    feel free to contact me anytime

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