RM 100,000 in Scholarship Money in Malaysia

An online associate degree is there to help you with all your studies. If you are looking into ways to get a foothold in education, an online associate degree is truly, what you need and that is just brilliant. You will be offered multiple opportunities to excel across the board and tap into the vast troves of education such as they are. With the Internet enabling students mostly, you will be pleased with the overwhelming results that drive pupils forward without respite.

You may also opt for an online school, which is just as great. The online school today is a blanket term that we use to indicate any institution that instructs people online for one purpose or another. These new bastions of education, however, have been gaining popularity all over the place and it is worth noting that they are quite useful and quite desirable among young learners at the moment.

The future of education is quite unpredictable and we can only guess how it is going to change over time. You will be quite pleased with the current assets that will enable you to plunge right into it without giving it another thought for even a moment. Let us take a look at one of the mainstream offers available now!

The Penang Future Foundation is now inviting people to join its Malaysian initiative. If you are willing to undertake a full-tie Bachelor degree studies, now is an excellent opportunity to do just that.

The PFF scholarship program will be awarded by the Penang State Government to candidates who have proven their academic merit in the past. Rest assured that all candidates who have the necessary trappings to carry this out in full will be given a rewarding RM 1000,000 stipend every month to help them pull through their studies.

All students from Malaysia are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

In order to qualify, you will need to have a minimum of CGPA 3.67. Also, your household income will not excel RM15,000 every month and you will be 25 years old or younger.

To benefit from the boons of this scholarship, we invite you to take a look at the full offer, which can be found at the official scholarship address. On top of everything else, you will be advised to use the online application form so that you may sign up for this offer right away.

41 thoughts on “RM 100,000 in Scholarship Money in Malaysia”

  1. I\’m Edwin Saliky live Liberia kakata, margibi, county.
    I\’m interested in this scholarship but, I don\’t have support So,how can this be?+231886967200 is mine.

  2. Hello?
    I seriously need scholarship, I\’m from Nigeria I don\’t want remain diploma older.
    I\’m an occupational therapist please help with any info.

  3. Hello thanks for the work done I am a diploma holder in clinical medicine and community health I need a degree in any medical related courses. I kindly request you. I am called Ahwera Isaac from Uganda

  4. I applied at Bostino college so do not have money to study am willing to achieve my goal. Am still at Vryheid in rural areas I passed my matric with diploma with 21points .my number 0647267075

  5. Hello, thanks for this opportunity. How can it work for me. I am a diploma holder in the field of communication Arts Journalism but I really want to further my studies.. please advice..

    Ta Trisha

  6. my name is melkamu melese. I am a Ethiopian citizen requesting for a scholarship opportunity. i am studied master in veterinary public health. if given a chance I would like to upgrade my study to PHD. My families current financial status however limits this dream. please help me!!!
    phone no. 251917228428

  7. My name is Kuhameh Michael. I am a Ghanaian citizen requesting for scholarship opportunity. I am a student who just complete Ada Senior High Technical School here in Accra, Ghana. I read Business and my electives are; F. Accounting,
    C. Accounting , Economics, and Business Management. My family currently financial status is not and I am aspiring for this scholar in order further my education. I complete my JHS at Pediatorkope Basic School also in Accra, Ghana. Here is my phone number 0540586263

  8. hello, am Ahmad umar ahmad by name, citizen of nigeria. I have finish my sec. school & for now am studying my degree program at Ahmadu bello university, zaria..kaduna state Nigeria. studying microbiology, am looking for an assist on ur scholarship of money bcos we have alot to cover by now am in 200level student and i did\’nt have money for my next registration here is my number +234 8102657000.

  9. I am so grateful for this.I am feeling that I pursue Mass communication.It will do good for me

  10. Dear Sir /Madam

    I believe I will get this scholarship to pursue my Degree Abroad.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  11. Time is very pernicious and dynamically shifting but being a Pakistani human i have nothing rather than the impact of narcissism. I am searching many free scholarships but due to some issues related to money and other directionless problems, i am facing, So if you have some opportunity related to study than you can oblige me in master programs, in social sciences.

  12. I believe by the Grace of God I will pursue my degree in abroad. Thank you very much for this great offer

  13. i am azeb from ETHIOPIA & am 23 years old i have bsc in health officer so i need to forward my education to masters in public health officer but i am poor i have no income & my parents also please support me for God sake THANKS FOR YOUR KINDNESS

  14. um really happy for this scholarship… I hope it is the desire coming true…!!! Feeling lit and excited…Hope this will work for me!!!

  15. I am Stephen Komba Jr, a Sierra Leonean a clerical student pursuing a bachelors degree in philosophy.but not withstanding, I am, also attracted by law school to pursue a Bachelor of art in law. It may be of a greater help to me if u will graciously offer me your scholarship for it will aid me in achieving my dream. Thanks in advance as I look forward to u kindly help.You may contact me on +232077250878 and +232078279707 in case my request may suit you.

  16. I am tut bol. Iam from Ethiopia iam graduated from bachelor of social work. In requesting u to get me master. Please give it to me thanks

  17. Good day, my name is obetta Emmanuel ifeanyichukwu,iam from Nigeria in west African region,I lost my father at age of nine,I don\’t have anyone to sponsor me in my educational activities. Please iam still in secondary school,and my education is at stake, iam currently in senior secondary class two.I will be glad if you help me,by giving me a scholarship at your convenient time.thanks and remain blessed.

  18. I want to study banking and finance as my course.you can also contact me through: 08162202782.

  19. I just finished high school and am looking forward to learn my first bachelor degree in business management. You can also contact me on 0912662920

  20. My name is Trokon D.Goeh, I am from Liberia and want to study abroad but my financial strength is nowhere please help me to get this scholarship

  21. Hello there please help me pls support me need me i want to learn in abroad to be more perfect

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