International Baccalaureate (IB) at the University of Technology, Sydney

Accredited online universities are quickly shaping up as the future of all things learning. You will be quite satisfied with the results and quickly cotton onto this new brave trend that we call education. Education has been transformed to largely serve the needs of pupils rather than strike fear in their hearts and make them feel ill at east. With the spawning of the accredited online universities, people have been given even more opportunities to participate in education. They will enable you to knock off significant costs of your tuition fees bill and make you a fully-fledged member of the fraternity of learners.

Another way to go is naturally the college education online. It may appear that it is subpar, but actually all colleges are now collaborating with higher level institutions which gladly offer recorded lessons, lectures and collaborate with local tutors to craft tailor-made study materials. The college education online has only facilitated this collaboration.

Today, educators know that while there is competition between the top institutions, they are all working with the same goal in mind and there is no denying that simple reality. Whether you want, accredited online universities or simply college education online makes little odds – the future belongs to students.

The University of Technology Sydney is now quite happy to invite applicants who want to take on an International Baccalaureate. Scholarship opportunities are now available for all and sundry.

IB is one of the internationally recognized certificates, which is pursued by quite a few people around the people without respite. You will be pleased with the opportunities this certification actually offers.

Now, let us look at the specifics of the scholarships:

First, the deadline will be 31 May 2018. The scholarships will be accessible for every subject that is listed in the university. The University is willing to cover 50% of your tuition costs.

Overall, four scholarships will be available to recipients every year. A few more foibles need to be addressed, however:

  • Citizens of South Asia may participate, including Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

You may learn more about the scholarship by following this link. Online application is also possible and recommendable. You will be able to apply here.

In order to enter this scholarship opportunity, you have to fulfil a set of conditions:

  • International students may apply;
  • Students must have completed an IB Diploma or be in the process of completing it.

40 thoughts on “International Baccalaureate (IB) at the University of Technology, Sydney”

  1. Completed Australia Pacific Technical at Fiji National Universiry last year 2017.
    Now i\’m interested in further study.
    Last year i study refrigeration and Airconditioning.
    Now i\’m interested in studying renewable energy.electricity

  2. am phillip musyoka a graduate of kenyatta unversity wth first class honours from faculty of education and am searching for a scholarship to persue electronics as my masters

  3. so how can I apply for this huge opportunity please help because l have already just to apply but I always fail please help I will be happy

  4. Iam from ethiopia.ihave BA degree in business managment.iwant to upgread my master\’s degree pleace help me.thank you so much.

  5. Can\’t i access a full bursary within the country premises when am from Uganda????I really lack finances but i need to triumph my studies

  6. I am from Cameroon and I want to do Hardware and my prayer is that you should help me to acquire it.

  7. Hello my name is Tseuhouo talla Charles Marius of Maroua\’s university to Cameroon, I am awarded a diploma in physical science. I look for a grant in Master\’s degree to continue my studies. Please help me

  8. I really want to join ur collage
    Because i think
    I will have a great
    Intent in getting greater knowledge right here

  9. Please help me further my education , I just completed Senior High School and I have hope that this scholarship would be granted to me so that I may persue electrical engineering.

  10. yes l m ready for the offer but l m still unsure about the financial cost of my study and my staying but l will be grateful if you considered my desire to study in your institute.please if their is anything you have that i need to know please do contact me as soon as possible and do tell me what do i need to have in order for me to join your institute by this number (+679)9602472. than you

  11. I am from Ethiopia. I graduated in Adama Science and Technology University (BSc.) in Chemistry and from Haramaya University in Inorganic Chemistry (MSc.). Now I want to learn my PhD in your university if possible. CHEMISTRY_\

  12. I need this scholarship, it be important for my career for giving me more information this is my phone numbers 🙁 509)44726897 thanks Iwant to study biotechnologie

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