£3,000 Scholarship for Museum Studies in Leicester

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The University of Leicester now extends its Museum Studies Scholarships for individuals who have interest in the field. The University will be quite pleased with all candidates who come from the appropriate background and would like to participate in the Museum studies at Leicester, England.

The application date extends to 30 June 2018. You will be allowed to pursue this scholarship opportunity in the master’s level of study. The scholarships will be awarded for Museum Studies and overall 6 applicants will be accepted as the beneficiaries of this initiative.

In general, £3,000 will be contributed towards all applicants and a further payment of £3,000 will go to four Scholarships.

All scholarships are tenable in the United Kingdom.

In order to qualify for the scholarship:

  • You will have to be an international or UK-based student. In addition, you will have to be applying for the Master’s level course at the School of Museum Studies;

If you want to apply, you will have to fill out an application form and submit the scholarship application form and then forward it. You may apply online using this link.

Please refer to the following link to find out more about this scholarship opportunity and explore the opportunities for study in the United Kingdom and Leicester in particular.

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