€ 12,000 per Year to Study in Jacobs University

If you have been around the world of education for a while, you will know quite plainly that there is simply no limit to the level of whimsical solutions you may come up with. You will be quite pleased with what may follow next, discovering about those new ways of instruction that have been trending. Some of the pioneers of the new modes of learning are the online universities that have been proliferating all over the place. Yes, online universities have quite a bit to offer to those who seek wisdom, online. These new institutions that want to be the custodian of modern-times education stand a good chance to be quite successful at what they profess to offer.

Another institution that is well worth debating, the accredited schools online, is also gaining traction. Whether these schools have been inspired by the online universities or not is a guesswork. However, accredited schools online are here and they offer to change the landscape completely. Reshaping educational practices is an onerous undertaking but one that these newly-spawned institutions are quite up to the task of taking on. It is a lot of work and you will certainly have to do your best in order to be capable of sorting out the mess.

If you are looking for a generous and excellent opportunity to pursue your MSc degree in Computational Life Science, the Jacobs University may be just the right spot for you. The Graduate Scholarships that are currently on offer are quite generous.

The Jacobs University is located in Vegesack in Bremen-Nord, Bremen, Germany and is one of the most established learning institutions in the whole of Germany. You will be pleased to know that it is open for international students of all backgrounds.

However, all instruction will be done in English so you are advised to be prepared and have a document that proves this command of English.

The deadline is set for 1 June 2018, allowing potential candidates plenty of time to prepare themselves for their future pursuits. The MSc programme is quite available and scholarships will help you pull through its costs.

You will be entitled to € 12,000 every year to cover your costs. In addition, you may only attain this scholarship in Germany. You can be of any nationality. The institution will not discriminate based on nationality. However, Jacobs University will select based on academic merit.

The official link is available here.

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