The Appropriate Distance Learning Etiquette

In online classes, most of the communication is held through different types of virtual communication such as emails, chat rooms, Skype and so one. Even if online education with its electronic communication is somehow “new”, it is still a matter of respect to keep the etiquette of communication adequate.

With the absence of body language, the statements made in the conversations during the online courses may seem harsh. We are used to involuntarily read the body language signs whenever a person is communicating with us face to face. While a distance learning program cannot provide the face-to-face conversation we are so being used to, it is still a matter of respect to use an appropriate “writing language”. For example, if you do not agree with one or more of your colleagues in a chat conversation and you mention ”That is ridiculous” even if you do not intend to sound that severe, chances are that your colleagues might take it ad litteram. Make sure you use an appropriate language during the online courses conversations.

When you are writing a message for your distance learning degree peers, make sure that it is a clear and concise message. After you finish writing it, do not send it immediately. Read it. Does your message make any sense? You might have to revise it. Otherwise, your online education peers will not understand your inquiry.

Throughout your distance learning degree classes you will have to use new devices and technologies. It is your responsibility to manage carefully, with politeness the conversation. Even if a distance learning degree has its limits when it comes to communicating face to face, it does not mean that there is no proper online education etiquette you can apply to the online education environment.

Also, do not use offensive language in the online classes. Just because your distance learning colleagues do not see you and cannot attach a face to a name, does not make the situation less acceptable. Furthermore, online communication is being kept on discussion boards, it is saved on folders. You do not want your burst to resurface at a later date. Do not make an uncomfortable living while you are enrolled in online classes. Prepare yourself for the online courses as you would have prepared for the offline ones. Enjoy the freedom a distance learning degree gives you but do not take advantage of it.

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